Our Family

Jeremy married his beautiful wife Stacy in October of 2008. They now have 3 handsome boys, Roman, Luke and Sam. From the onset of their faith God called their family to walk by faith on mission with Jesus in ways designed specifically for them. Below is the journey that Jeremy and Stacy have been on together over the last 8 years.


Refuge Church and Church Planting

After walking with Jesus for approximately 4 years, Jeremy sensed a call to start a church in his hometown of Ogden, Utah. After conferring with a good friend, Kellen Criswell, they had decided that The Lord was leading them to plant Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah. Refuge Church was planted in January of 2010 and it was here that Jeremy gained some practical experience of the do's and don'ts of local ministry and church planting. He was the pastoral overseer of house churches for 2 years and the senior pastor for 2 years. In November of 2014 The Lord led Jeremy to transition the church to Brian Sauve and move to Hungary to serve at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe.

CCBCE and Cross Cultural Growth

Jeremy and his family moved to Vajta, Hungary the end of 2014 to serve on the pastoral staff at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe. Jeremy was involved in Teaching, Discipleship and Leadership Development. Outside of the classroom God was making eternal deposits into their family, preparing them for full-time cross cultural missions. It was in Hungary that Roman and Luke learned their second language being immersed in the Hungarian school system. Over the 2.5 years in Hungary Jeremy was able to build many relationships with many different churches in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. After CCBCE announced their move to the city of Budapest Fall of 2017 Jeremy sensed that The Lord was once again launching their family into church planting, this time utilizing some of the cross cultural principles learned at CCBCE



Bearing Serbia

Today Jeremy and His family find themselves preparing to move to Serbia, August 2017, where they will spend the foreseeable future learning language, culture and building relationships. Their longterm goal is to see the people of Serbia experience the grace of God in fresh ways, to see them experience a life giving personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Their desire is to see more churches started in Serbia, led by nationals, each being a unique gospel outpost, spreading the Kingdom of God. Only time will tell what God has in store for the Bair family on mission with Jesus in Serbia. For now God has set our course..."Bearing - Serbia!"