Year 1-2

Learning Language and Culture

Jesus left his culture of heaven to take on the culture of earth. He did this for multiple reasons. Following this principle of mission set forth by Jesus, we believe that one of the best ways to model the gospel is to adopt the culture, to the degree that you can, to display what it is that Jesus did for us. Because of this we will dedicate the life of our mission in Serbia to learning their language, learning their culture and the historical narratives that have made them the way that they are. In doing so I believe God will help us to better understand how they can best connect to and express worship to Jesus in their own unique national ways. 

Year 1-2

Building Relationships

In a country where evangelicalism is less than 1% it is vital that the body of Christ partner across denominational lines and work together to communicate the truth that the body of Christ is not limited to one single denomination. We want to focus the first 2 years of our lives in Serbia discovering the pulse of evangelicalism by building these kinds of relationships. As we do this I believe The Lord will help us discover where we can best serve to build up the church.

Year 3+

Local Leadership Development and Church Planting

The ultimate goal of our time in Serbia is to see people come to have an active relationship with God through faith in Jesus and participation in gathering together as believers. We believe that as people give their lives to Christ and follow him it will be directly tied to gathering together to worship (Acts 2:42-47; Hebrews 10:24,25). We want to see these gospel communities birthed and replicating. We hope to accomplish this by seeing people saved, discipled, making disciples and seeing the Serbian people planting their own churches with their unique cultural forms of worship