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Serbia is home to only .64 evangelicals. The Bair family has responded to the call of Jesus Christ to spread the gospel by assisting nationals to grow the evangelical church in Serbia.

Bearing Serbia is the virtual front door for you to get acquainted with the Bair Family and provide you with information on how you can partner with them as they live out their calling


Why Bearing Serbia


The word bearing can take on many different meanings. There are three particular ways in which this word describes our mission. It is our desire to see these things happen in our own lives and in the lives of those we serve

1) Comprehension of one's position, environment, or situation

As my family moves to Serbia we believe God will continue to grow our comprehension of our position in relationship to Christ. We also seek to help those we come in contact with find their spiritual bearings in Jesus Christ

2) The act, power, or time of bringing forth offspring or fruit

The apostle Paul said he labored to see Christ formed in the people he ministered to (Galatians 4:19). As we seek to disciple those who put their trust in Jesus we want to work to see the character of Christ birthed in us and his character bear fruit in the nation

3) An object, surface, or point that supports

We aren't so naive as to think that the gospel isn't already going forth in Serbia, but we do want to bear the already existing work of the gospel there. We hope to do this by building relationships across denominational lines, working to be a source of encouragement to those already laboring in gospel expansion 

3 Year Vision

Year 1-2: Learn Language and Culture


Year 1-2: Build Relationships

Year 3+: Leadership Development/Church Planting

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Our Journey

Learn more about how God has led Jeremy and his family over the last 8 years

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How To Support

Would you like to parter with Jeremy and his family in seeing the gospel go forward in Serbia?

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